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Rudy Esterhuyse

Entrepreneur, SaaS & Affiliate Marketer

Luxury Hospitality & Managing Director





Western Cape

South Africa


Introduction & Profile Perspective

Passionate and seasoned professional with a diverse background in hospitality, recruitment, entrepreneurship, property management, and SaaS marketing. Proven success in managing luxury residences, private portfolios, and contributing to the growth of international businesses. Recognized for exceptional leadership, meticulous service, and strategic thinking.

Career Objective:

Dedicated to contributing my extensive experience, industry insight, and specialized skills to a dynamic and diverse workforce in the luxury hospitality sector. Eager to continue expanding my knowledge, adopting new skills, and making meaningful contributions to the industry's growth.

With a rich background in hospitality, recruitment, entrepreneurship, property management, and SaaS marketing, I bring a unique blend of experience and passion for delivering exceptional service.


In my capacity as the Founder and Managing Director of Rubert International, I have successfully established and managed a luxury lifestyle business, demonstrating my proficiency in recruitment, real estate, and client relations. As the International Marketing and Sales Partner for Vellux Africa, I have contributed to cutting-edge wireless paging and communications solutions.

SaaS platform & Affiliate Marketer as Managing Director:


As the Managing Director of Rubert International, I have demonstrated profound skills in SaaS and Affiliate Marketing, overseeing successful integration and onboarding of affiliates and agents.


My strategic leadership in this capacity involved leveraging cutting-edge technologies, networking, and direct sales to position Rubert International as a luxury lifestyle brand. The success of the business, now acquired by a major competitor, underscores my ability to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of SaaS marketing.

Hospitality Professional Marketer & Manager:

With a rich background as a Hospitality Professional, I have honed my expertise as a marketer and manager. From roles as Private Chef and Butler to managing ultra-luxury properties, I have cultivated a deep understanding of the hospitality industry.

My experience encompasses not only the intricacies of guest services, event management, and property portfolio oversight but also the application of marketing strategies to create unforgettable experiences. This diverse skill set allows me to seamlessly integrate luxury service principles into every aspect of hospitality management, ensuring excellence in guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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