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Citizenship Through Investment _ Global

Division of Rubert International (Pty) Ltd. 

Secondary Citizenship...

Rubert Relocate is a division of Rubert International that specializes in offering bespoke solutions to private individuals seeking secondary citizenship through investment. Our program is designed to provide clients with the opportunity to diversify their wealth and gain freedom of movement, while also expanding their business footprint globally.


Our experienced consultants work closely with clients to identify the best investment options that meet their unique needs and preferences, ensuring that they receive the highest level of service and support throughout the process. One of the major attractions of our program is the opportunity to gain freedom of movement during this uncertain time in South Africa, as well as the ability to expand business operations into new markets.


With our comprehensive knowledge of global investment opportunities and immigration laws, we provide our clients with a seamless and hassle-free relocation experience. Trust Rubert Relocate to help you achieve your goals of secondary citizenship and business expansion

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