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CPO | Bodyguard Vacancies

The Close Protection Officer keeps clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. They are responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance.  Principal, Principal Lady and or Children of the Principal couple may be included in the individuals that require a Bodyguard.


Close Protection Officer & Bodyguard

in South Africa and Abroad (traveling)

An Executive Principal works closely with his son, who as Principal for this vacancy requires Close Protection and a discreet bodyguard.

A Close Protection Officer, with Grade A PSIA, Sasseta Certification, Firearm Competency, Valid PDP, and 5 years experience within the field specializing in the personal safety of a corporate individual is required to join a principal during his day to day schedule.

Experienced and qualified to handle face to face conflict, attempted hijackings or kidnapping through pre-observed identification.

In order to maintain this physically close environment, the CPO may also be required to act as executive chauffeur and also include executive personal assistant duties from time to time; joining the principal in meeting, on private plane trips and on all road travel ,


Discretion, confidentiality, and discreet presence would be non-negotiable when required by the principal.


High speed observation and avoidance techniques and advance driving qualifications are a huge advantage in this role.  Qualifications in advanced driving is a requirement.

Hand to hand combat training and non-lethal weaponry would be required within the presence of the principals family and private residence.

A rota system for additional security personnel and measures will be negotiated based on 12 hour shifts for up to 25 days a month.

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