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D i v i s i o n   P o r t f o l i o


Luxury Residential Domestic & Household Staff Recruitment,

Headhunting, Vetting and Placement.

Ultra Luxury Household, Holiday Villa, Bespoke Residential, Palace, Boutique Hotel, Private Yacht, Private Plane, Embassy and Hospitality Staffing & Recruitment.

Recruitment & Vacancies for:

Butler | Majordomo | Private Chef | House Manager | Palace Manager | Housekeeper | Head Housekeeper | Nanny | Governess | Stylist | Lodge Manager | Management Couple | Message Staff | Gamekeeper | Grounds Keeper | Caretaker | Hairstylist | Companion | Porter | Hotel Staff | Lodge Staff | Island Manager | Private Pilot | Private Plane Crew | Private Yacht Captain | Private Yacht Crew | Maternity Nanny | Tutor | Close Protection Officer | Bodyguard | Estate Manager | Family Office Staff | Executive Personal Assistant | Secretary | Personal Trainer | Spa & Resort Staff

Online Skills Refinement Short Courses for Luxury Residential Domestic & Household Staff, including Online Video & Live Training Sessions.


Online Short Courses, Training Material & Information, Refining The Skills And Defining The Tasks Of Qualified & Experienced Luxury Household,

Holiday Villa, Bespoke Residential, Palace, Boutique Hotel, Private Yacht,

Private Plane, Embassy and Hospitality Staff.

Online Short Courses

Our dedicated course creators, seasoned and experienced in the most bespoke and high-end luxury Boutique Hotel, Royal Household, Luxury Residential, Private Plane and Private Yachting environments, are dedicated to creating online training courses that polish and refine qualified household and domestic staff skills, services, techniques and aptitudes, to the next level.

A collaboration between CCI Professional,  a team specialized in human capital actualizing, and Rubert Recruit, specifically aimed at our hospitality professionals and their wellbeing.

.The hospitality industry, especially at the UHNW end of the scale with pressures of taste, style, service, delivery, timing and chasing the ever required stars, hats and recognition within the industry make this high-paced industry one of the most physically and mentally demanding on our hospitality professionals. 

Actualising Human Capital 

Through CCI Professional's online programs, coaching, assessments and mentorship, Rubert Recruit can offer future employers, employer and candidates a better understanding of the employees application, holistic approach and neurological patterns that are applied in their daily duties.

Through this holistic approach, participation in these evaluations may result in increased focus, productivity, application of time and time management, avoidance of substance abuse and other challenges facing hospitality professionals.

An Online Atelier of Artist's & Designers, Showcasing The Most Unique, Luxurious, Bespoke & Fashionable Soft Furnishings, Décor, Art & Collectables Globally.

.This online store brings together art, soft furnishings, décor, table wear, linen and collectables from the most respected artists and designers from each of their own atelier's to ours one global showroom. 

Browse & Order

Browse our exclusive online selection at your leisure, order and pay online directly from our online store & showroom. 


Also enquire about the Rubert Realty's Membership including access to Private Collections, Bespoke Requests and Unique Offers.


The Most Luxurious, Bespoke, Unique and Luxury, Boutique Hotels, Serviced Holiday Villas, Staffed Private Islands & Super Yachts Available Globally For Holiday Bookings.

This, truly global, selection of internationally acclaimed and awarded fine luxury holiday rental properties are hand-picked and selected based on their exclusivity, dedication to luxury, passion for the highest levels of hospitality and mindfulness for the environment.

Browse & Book

Browse Our Exclusive Online Selection, and Book Directly On Our Website To Select & Secure a Private Selection of High-end, Luxury, Boutique Hotel, Modern Villa, Luxury Residence, Private Island, Or Secluded Destination. 

Also enquire about the Rubert Rendezvous Membership including access to Private Planes & Yachts for transit.

Bespoke, Unique and Luxurious Private Residences,

Serviced Villas, Staffed Private Islands & Super Yachts Available To Rent Globally.

In affiliation with the most awarded and renowned estate agents and realtors throughout the Globe, Rubert Realty is a tailored selection of the most sought after properties with a list that includes exclusive residences not marketed to the public.

Browse & Enquire

Browse our exclusive online selection, or have a dedicated agent call you, to peruse the Private Selection of High-end, Modern Villas,

Luxury Residences, Private Islands, and Unique Properties. 


Also enquire about the Rubert Realty's Membership including access to Private Plane and Yacht procurement.

The Rubert Rides Showroom Brings Together An International Collection Of the Finest, Rarest and Most Sought After Collectable Vintage, Classic & Unique Vehicles.

.Affiliation with curators of the most unique and bespoke private vehicle collections globally, brings together a community of vehicle enthusiasts and collectors who have discerning tastes for rare & valuable, nostalgic vintage & classic, and overall very special automobiles. 

Showroom & Affiliates

The Online Showroom gives you access to vehicles from discerning collections that are available for procurement, either through direct sale or globally recognized agents & auction houses. 


Also enquire about the Rubert Rides Membership including access to Private Collections, Bespoke Requests and Unique Offers.


2023 New Look

Our website is being upgraded for 2023 _ with new exciting features & a brand new look.  Some features may not work from time to time whilst we upgrade.

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