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100+ Courses | 1000+ Lessons
Individual Premium Subscription

Rubert International is proud to support your learning and development by offering exciting new online hospitality courses powered by Typsy.


Our goal is to provide Rubert International members with easy-to-access hospitality training that’s engaging and empowering.


Typsy has 100+ courses led by industry experts, with new content being released each month. Plus, when you learn with Typsy, you earn industry-endorsed certificates for completed courses, build your confidence and your profile, and improve skills in your own role, plus cross-skill with ease.

Who is Eligible?

  • Open to all Rubert International members

Is there a fee?

  • Join on a monthly subscription to get access to all Typsy courses

    • £9.99 GBP

    • $9.99 USD

    • €9.99 EURO

How can you access Typsy? 


Get Your
10% Discount Here...

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2.  Head to

3.  Signup for an Individual Premium  account

4.  Add the code rubert10 to get a 10% discount

5.  Confirm your email address

6.  Start watching any of the 100+ courses available on the platform

STEP # 1

Please complete this form and we will send you:

  • The Online Courses Link

  • Your 10% Discount Code


Individual Premium Subscription
  • £9.99 GBP

  • $9.99 USD                      /month

  • €9.99 EURO

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