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Instructor Vacancies


The primary duty of a personal instructor is to assess, train and teach a fitness or sports skill to the employer and guests whilst maintaining a safe environment to do so. Meeting goals set through continuous schedules and allowing the principal to achieve these goals are the responsibilities, tasks, knowledge and attention to detail required. Personal instructors may specialize in an area such as fitness, weight management, yoga, tennis, swimming, dance and so on.

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Ballet Dance Instructor Vacancy

Los Angeles, California, USA

A client with twin teenage daughters requires the appointment of a Ballet Dance Instructor to sign a 24 month training program with a three day a week schedule.   The instructor will be tasked with teaching and training these dynamic girls who are currently at an intermediate level.  A range of techniques, dance styles, warms ups, stretches and discipline has to be included in the schedule.  Both girls are to be kept highly motivated and eager.  Develop dance curriculum for the 24 months with goals that are obtainable and reachable. A good track record extending past 5 years is required.  

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