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Introducing our law firm
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Rubert International

Division of Rubert International (Pty) Ltd. 

Luxury Household & Domestic Staff

Rubert Recruitment Agents are qualified Luxury Household & Bespoke Residential ambassadors who have each excelled in their respective careers within Private Luxury Services.  

We utilize our own experience & expertise to engage with clients around their lifestyle & family requirements as it relates to the vacancy, job or candidate sought.

Our priority is the safety, protection, protocol and privacy of our clients, their private homes and their families.

A single request for a house manager, butler, chef, chauffeur or for a candidate that can multitask between these responsibilities _ no request is too bespoke for us.

We merge the human resource function with our exclusive and hands on experience within hospitality, fine luxury property, ultra high net worth lifestyle and recruitment.

Our intimate understanding of this industry, your requirements and the aptitude required to service the same is delivered eloquently and will impress.

Recruitment for high end luxury private residences and the soft services, administration, hospitality and aptitude required by a candidates to work within it is a highly specialized field.

Rubert Recruitment apply our mantra:

"It takes one, to know one!"

Our agents, each hailing from private residential employment backgrounds have combined experience from housekeeping management, the butler role, nanny and caretaker responsibilities, being a private chef to close protection and palace manager for royalty & celebrity employers alike.

With this intimate knowledge of the services required by each household & domestic staff member & employee, our agent are able to not only draw up the most bespoke and detailed vacancy descriptions; our agents also apply full privacy & security protocol to all information supplied.

The vacancy description is extensively applied with privacy for our marketing to our existing and potential international & global candidate base.


Rubert Recruitment agencies are dedicated to high net worth & ultra high net worth individual's Household & Domestic Staff jobs and vacancies including House Managers, Palace Managers, Butlers, Chauffeurs, Bodyguards (CPO), Tutors, Nannies & Housekeepers, valets and more. 

Our vacancies include international destinations and ultra high profile clients including the GCC, UAE, Europe, Africa, France and the USA.

Candidates that apply for vacancies, placements and jobs through Rubert Recruitment do so with the confidence that their career, qualifications and skills will be admired and valued by peers through the interview process.

A qualified chef wishing to work in a private luxury environment would gain great value from an interview process with our agents who have had a career as a private luxury chef in similar environments and so on.

Rubert Recruitment Candidates are as important and as respected as our clients themselves.


Once our vacancy & job marketing starts, Rubert Recruitment average over five hundred applications through our drive and our various platforms.

Selecting suited candidates to partake in our rigorous, vetting, interviewing and aptitude testing process is only made possible by our experienced agents from the same career projection identifying the most suited and skilled candidates for processing.

Rubert Recruitment applies a process of elimination based on  years of experience, reference checks, vetting and confirmation of previous income, qualifications, extra skills acquired, aptitude and attitude.

Only the candidates that have resumes & supporting documents to prove their ability & suitability to the bespoke nature of our clients requests are invited to partake in our interviewing & vetting process.

We introduce a very select and unique group of individuals to our clients based on the shared requirements and a strict suitability process is followed to ensure we can discuss each candidate with our client in as much details as possible.

Employment of a suitable candidate by our clients is a very intimate, private and secure negotiation.

Rubert Recruitment respects the bond between employer and employee to the highest regard and as such no employment, remuneration or commission contract exists between Rubert Recruitment and any candidate or potential employee.

An offer of employment is a strictly a contract binding terms & conditions between the client and candidate to which Rubert Recruitment specialists are privy for record purposes only.

However, our ongoing support to both client and candidate set us apart and allow both employer & employee to confidently move forward.

Employment Contracts may include:

  • Fixed-date short-term trial period contracts.

  • Fixed-date long-term employment contracts inclusive of trial periods.

  • Long-term period employment contracts inclusive of trial periods.

We also include a guarantee to our Clients, to redo our search once more should a candidate be at fault for the employment contract to breach during the first 3 months from commencement date.


It takes one, to know one....

Our qualified & experienced Estate Managers, Household Managers, Butlers, Private Chef's, Executive Housekeepers & Governesses
understand client & candidate requirements in order to match the most suited employer & employee for long-term success.

Rubert International

Rubert Refine

Online Skills Training & Candidate Skills Refinement by hospitality industry professionals FOR industry professionals.
Our online training platform where expert candidates share short courses on technique, skill and aptitude to prepare potential candidates for private luxury residential employment or refine currently employed professionals skills without the need for them to be absent from their work.

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